Earth Singers & UK Dowsers - May 5th 2012

Saturday 5 May 3pm 2012 is the year! 

It is time to sing ourselves back into balance and bring ourselves into right relationship with mother earth and more specifically with our own part of her, our own territories. Sending a huge injection of gratitude and love into the lines in song we aim to bring vibrancy and abundance to the vital life force of the lines, surrounding areas and ourselves.

This promises to be an exceptional ceremony, with dowsers measuring before and after and as many people involved all along the lines as we can muster. Spread the word and register your interest with Danu via the Earth Singers Facebook page.

“When a sufficient number of contemporary people have reentered nature’s soulstream and become conscious contributors to the unfolding story of the world, industrialized nations might mature into sustainable, ecocentric and soulcentric communities, inhabited by people who are wildly creative, imaginative, adventurous, tolerant, generous, joyous and coopertaive members of the more-than-human world. This is my prayer.”

- Bill Plotkin, from his book Soulcraft

This is my prayer too and reestablishing a Songlines tradition in the UK and beyond? This will help us ‘enter nature’s soulstream’. Bon Voyage!

Danu Fox

28 februari 2012

BELTANE 2012- Sing the Michael and Mary Lines from Cornwall to Norfolk and beyond

On Sat 5 May at 3pm we will send a chant and songs into as many points along the lines as we can. Our intent is to send love and gratitude to these lines of mother earth and to reawaken our connection to her. In doing so we can embrace the sacred feminine and masculine within ourselves and all phenomena, honouring the life force of Gaia.

Danu is questing for a new chant we can all share and we can then also add other songs and toning to the event.

We will be injecting a huge boost of energy into the grid and it would be great, all dowsers out there, to have you dowse before and afterwards to see the effects. Dowsing can really help make visible how the earth responds to our intent.

If you don't live along these particular lines but suspect you are on a tributary, or if you know where the important lines are in your area then join in and send your sound into those. If you don't know, go and find out. Many ancient sites are on ley lines and key energy points. They all possibly connect up somewhere. so nothing will be lost.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves as we begin this work:

  • Are we in right relationship to where we live?
  • What kind of sound are we making? What does our energy and contribution to life sound like?
  • Is our energy as clear as it can be?
  • Are we truthful?
  • Are we respectful? of ourselves, others and the 'more-than-human' world?
  • Do we realise how lucky we are? Do we express our gratitude every day? How often do you say and sound out Thank you?
  • How often do you sing Thank you?
  • How often do you do something for the territory/place which holds you?
  • Do you notice what is right there in nature around you?
  • Do you know where your nearest natural water source is? Where are the springs which feed your taps? Have you paid tribute to them lately?
  • What do you give back for the gifts you receive?

There will be many sounds and songs of appreciation in you. It's not about being a good singer although of course that is very welcome. We don't have a collective heritage of songs from our past hunter gatherers here in the UK but that doesn't matter. We just need to begin again.

“Dragon Lines are the pathways of electromagnetism and life-force that spread like a web across the surface of the planet. Where the dragon’s breath is sweet and gentle, great health and prosperity will arise. Where the dragons breath is sour or foul, health and fortune are likely to suffer…“ Patrick Macmanaway.

This is what we will be helping to address on Sat 5 May.

3 maart 2012

St.Michael Line UK - Penwith Press Map by Penwith Press

The major node points of the lines. They are:

Carn les Boel
St Michael's Mount *
Resugga castle *
Lostwithiel Church
The Hurler's
Brentor *
Creech St Michael *
Burrough Bridge Mump *
Glastonbury Tor
Oliver's Castle *
Dorchester Abbey
Royston *
Bury St Edmund's *

The ones with stars have no-one there at the moment, so it would be great to get them all covered.



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